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This blog is to cater to those who want to know more about Indian Music; especially the classical genre.

What is Music?

Music, as defined in our wikipedia, is an art form based on sound and silence. There is music in everything; from a baby wailing to the sound of rain drops, from a train whistle to the divine sound of a flute. In sound as well as in the silence that lies in between… There are various genres of music, and understanding every form well enough to appreciate is, though not impossible, a trifle overwhelming.( 😉 )

Here in this blog, an attempt is made to analyze the basic Indian music forms. The blog is intended for people with zero or a very basic understanding of music to be able to identify the significance of and learn how to appreciate Indian music.

What are the forms of Indian Music? 

Indian Music boasts of a huge gamut of styles and genres. Folk, Classical, Improvisational, Devotional, Popular, Cinema… and the lists goes on. Trying to analyze each style individually might take years, and probably would be worth many PhDs (!) and therefore, is not the idea of this blog.

We’ll look at popular songs, composers, compositions and analyze their musical structure, the relevance and interdependence of one style with another. We’ll (attempt to) bring out the intricacies that lie within the simplicity of Indian music, and its links to the western music world

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