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2 Comments 12 November 2011

Following this entry, we will look through the basics of the language called music and in particular about Indian Music from subsequent posts. 😀

Music can be appreciated without knowing many intricacies at a very superficial level. Still, I have always believed that the appreciation of music, the ability to identify the similarity of two given tunes, distinguishing a good tune from a better one and many more can all be developed and that too exponentially when one starts to understand more and more about the foundations that make up music. Like other languages, Music too has its grammar but unlike them, you need not be very strong in the grammar to appreciate and understand music. This though is my personal belief and I am yet to be proved wrong. I have many friends who have not been musically trained but can identify when a singer misses his/her pitch and in some cases also give ideas as to how a tune could progress to make it sound better. Such ability is developed by associating oneself regularly with music. Listening is the first lesson that any musician must learn.

OK! After that rather weird intro(?) we will dive right in from the next post!! So you want to know about Indian Music?? This is the blog for you!! ;D

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  1. Rakhi Sharma says:

    Really loved your blog 🙂 I completely agree with you that music is one language that binds everyone and just like other languages it has its own grammar too.I haven’t learned music anywhere but I guess I have almost reached that phase where I can distinguish a good tune from a better one and this has developed gradually over a period of time since I am really passionate about music, enjoy singing and listening to music..For me, Music is a language that seeps deep in your heart and touches your soul and mind.It is a stress buster, mood uplifting medicine for me.really cant imagine a life without music..It would be so hollow…..Cheers,Rakhi:)

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