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Thirteenth Step

5 Comments 04 April 2012

Thirteenth Step

Hi all,

Here is my recent composition. I have called it the ‘Thirteenth Step’. It is more or less based on natabhairavi scale with a hint of saramathi. The rhythm cycle is quite a complex one of 13 beats. The normal compositions that one encounters are mostly based on 3/4/5/7/8 beat. This has come out pretty decent I feel but the flute parts could have been better I feel retrospectively. Anyway 😀 here is it…


Also I have been collaborating a bit, thanks to twitter and here are a few of those.

The following two are compositions by Ramprasad anna. (Twitter: @hamsanandi; Blog:

This is on the raga rAmakriyA/pantuvarAli/kAsirAmakriyA (S  R1  G3  M2  P  D1  N3  S’….S’  N3  D1  P  M2  G3  R1  S). I had sung this!!! after more than 5 years I think 🙂

This one is a bindumAlini piece which I played on flute. Bindumalini is a janya raga based on the melakArtha raga ChakravAham.

More of his compositions can be found in his Soundcloud channel:


The following is LGJ’s Desh Tillana sung beautifully by Varsha Ramann, a pune based law student. (Twitter: @varsharamann; Blog: I mixed the track and played a little flute accompaniment here and there 🙂

More of her music you can find at:

Do listen and leave your comments!!

Cheers!! 🙂

PS: my soundcloud channel is 😀

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5 Comments so far

  1. Brett Boyland says:

    Hi, I have just discovered Soundcloud and your music site, and find myself returning and listening on a regular basis. I have also just purchased a Carnatic Flute and am looking forward to its arrival. I was hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction in developing my skills. I have never been training and have just recently started to play the Flute. I have a couple of Americian Indian Flute’s that I love to bits. Anyway, love your music and the I feel your love in the music come out in your playing, very creative and happy days ahead, Brett

  2. murari says:

    hi would like to talk to you – Please share your mail id

  3. murari says:

    awesome man !

  4. Musicfan says:

    Love your site. Just listening to bindumalini. Love it.

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