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Happy Independence day India :-)

7 Comments 14 August 2012

Happy Independence day India :-)


On the occasion of Indian Independence day, 15th August 2012, I share with you all two of my tracks, which are really close to my heart.

1. Vande Mataram

I had done this track about a month ago and it was one that I really loved doing. I had always loved the Vande Mataram song and used to often play it during the functions in my college days but it was only last month I had the idea to make a proper recording and give my own arrangement 🙂 . Do check it and give your shares and likes!! 😀


2.  Vaishnav Janato

This track was said to be Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite. After listening to my vande mataram  track my senior Kamalesh da! wanted me to record this song for his parents, especially his dad who loves this song. So I had done it for him. I had not uploaded it but then this being our independence day I thought it would be nice to share it with all you dear people! 😀 I did the arrangements with cellos, pizzicato strings, harp sections and tanpura also 🙂


Do check out both and give your comments, likes and shares!!! 🙂

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°Happy Indian Independence Day! 15th Aug 2012°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°


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7 Comments so far

  1. Siva Archana says:

    you played the flute ? its extraordinary 🙂 tears!! happy!!

    where do you live?

  2. Viji Ganesh says:

    Splendid ! Could actually hear the words ..people who can sing or play an instrument like this are truly gifted and handpicked by god -designer pieces !
    This song always brings tears ..the lyrics , the ragam ..I dont know what or why !

  3. dmallela says:

    What a peaceful way i started my day today. So beautiful..Watching the beauty of raindrops outside the balcony and listening to this wonderful piece. Thank you.

  4. Ravi says:

    how do you arrange for your music? A very broad question I know, but I’ve always wondered, how you record your stuff. The chords, reverbs etc.., I would love to have this know how 🙂

  5. arrangement is mostly instinctive; there is no proper method as to say a particular string section or woodwinds or synth should be there for a song. It is upto the discretion of the composer and arranger as to what they feel would suit the idea that they want the composition/song to sound like.

    Chords are generally (imho) to do two things, support the melody(main tune) and give a movement to the composition. Chords can change the feel and emotion that a song can convey. Reverb is just an effect added;

    One can learn more about composing/arranging/music production from online tutorials in youtube, courses in sites like Coursera, blogs, etc. The resources are all there in the internet and google is your key 😉

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